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We use our skills to help companies become "green" by showing them how to cut energy use and the related environmental releases.

We believe that commiment to ongoing training and education allows us to improve and expand our services using the knowledge and expertise of professional employees.

We aim for excellence and is committed to providing a safe workplace where all our employees are treated with equality and respect.



  • Max-E-Co™
    A totally NEW approach to CoGeneration that operates at 99% annual efficiency (over 100% in Coolingsummer) and lowers power and thermal CO2 releases by over 80% and NOx by over 95%. The electricity is often FREE and paybacks can be less than 2 years.
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  • UltraSavE�
    Stop wasting the heat from your cooling systems. Now, you can use that thermal energy to pre-heat water. Site savings available are over 4.2 million BTUs an hour, plus 350,000 kWh and over 3,600,000 of gallons of water and related chemicals a year. Paybacks are usually 6 months or less.
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  • OptECool�
    Let your cooling tower do MORE work with LESS electricity and LESS water and chemical usage. Stop the hassle of winter freeze-ups. This system improves the operation of virtually ANY tower in ANY environment PLUS it allows full capacity heat rejection without water below 40F ambient. It can also replace 100% of chiller capacity below 55F ambient. Payback can be less than 12 months.
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  • EnviroAire�
    The standard fan/coil air handler uses 35% to over 60% smaller because it removes moisture from the air. The EnviroAireT air conditioning unit functions much like a standard AHU does except with cooling systems (chillers, cooling towers, pumps and piping) that are 35% to 60% smaller, plus it removes or adds humidity without any additional equipment and needs no condensate pan or drain outlet. Can supply 100% outdoor air with no chance of freeze-up and without any pre-heating coils. Reduces HVAC total installed by over 25% so machinery is essentially FREE.
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  • CooLater�
    Ice-based THERMAL STORAGE has been around for a long time. It just never PERFORMED like this system:
    • Constant and lowest refrigeration load throughout storage cycle
    • Discharge capacity limited only by water flow through system
    • Highest density of cooling storage of any thermal storage system
    • NO chemicals required–water is ONLY medium involved
    • Closed system–no overflow or leakage potential, lower pump energy
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  • ReclamAire�
    Finally- a way to capture all of that “prime”heat that has been escaping just because it was in a dirty or contaminated exhaust air stream. This system lets you re-use that waste heat AND also reclaim the contaminating materials. Works on air streams up to 2000F (hotter exhausts must be "blended" with ambient air to no more than 2000F) or any air stream contaminant- including acids, oils, alkalis, plus solid fuel and coal-fired boiler flue exhaust.
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  • FreeLoader
    A generator system based on a totally new version of the "good old" steam engine. This family of products can totally change the way electricity is produced, including the energy sources that drive the generator.

    The steam-driven generator systems use low to high pressure steam (plus can reclaim driving energy to function as CoGeneration systems). Other versions use "new" or reclaimed thermal energy, solar energy, or even ambient air to heat a "green" refrigerant to make pressure.

    Those systems that operate on "new" energy can also use any of the available renewable fuels (liquid or solid) to make renewable electricity AND renewable reclaimed thermal energy.

    Steam engines only care about the pressure that is driving them, NOT the thermal value of the energy source. 1 MMBTU of heat making 300 PSI steam can make X kW of electricity. At 600 PSI, it can make about 2X, at 2500 PSI it can make about 8X.

    Depending on the energy source, the total cost of these systems ranges from $1500 to $2500 per kW- 30% to 50% of any "normal" generating system and well below that of similar energy source renewable systems.

    • FreeLoader™ TS - This combustion-based steam powered system has the ability to produce electricity for less than $0.01 per kWh AND recover 95% of the incoming thermal as well.
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    • FreeLoader™ RT - This refrigerant-powered system has the ability to produce electricity using low grade heat (175F input provides FULL output power). While not as efficient as the steam-driven engines, it provides reliable, quiet output using any low-to-medium grade energy source.
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    • FreeLoader™ CHR - This refrigerant-powered system has the ability to produce electricity using the waste heat from refrigeration systems. It REPLACES COOLING TOWERS for significant water savings as well. Produces more power than the chiller input energy.
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    • FreeLoader™ RS - This refrigerant-powered system produces electricity using heat from flat-plate solar panels. Output power per Sq. Meter of collector area is up to 10 times what is available from the best PV. Adequate collector area, and light oil circulating through a storage tank allows 24x7 solar electricity.
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    • FreeLoader™ AMB - This refrigerant-powered system produces electricity using WARM AMBIENT AIR through an air-cooled "condenser". 85F input provides 200 watts for every "ton" of condenser rating. 115F input provides 400 watts for every "ton" of condenser rating.
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  • ReeferSavE�
    This system is designed to support refrigerated store rooms and blast freezing lines. Its primary benefits are high humidity in the cooler room to minimize product weight loss and eliminates added refrigeration loads OR product moisture loss to the cooling system, needs no defrost and the refrigeration connections are outside the room.
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  • OptimizAire�
    If you are tired of buying air compressors and then only getting about 80% of that rated capacity DELIVERED to your plant, or if you're tired of spending big bucks on dryers that cost an arm and a leg to operate, this product is for you.

    Air compressors connected to this system produce over 99.5% of their rated air flow with a discharge pressure dew point of -3F so you will not need any dryers unless you are feeding a line exposed to sub-zero temperatures. The system payback is usually less than 18 months (less if the increased airflow eliminates the need for a new compressor).
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  • SolarOptECure�
    This system is designed to cure meats in less than half the time using less than one-third of the thermal utility input. After the meat is cured, it provides rapid cooling of the cured meat without high water use. It provides rapidly cool the product to 40F. Final refrigeration is also accomplished in the same chamber WITHOUT the usual up to 1% product loss and with another 10% refrigeration operating savings.
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  • QuadCool�
    This system provides the BEST of many worlds in a consolidated utility package that is ideally suited to food processing facilities– Electric power, process thermal energy, industrial refrigeration (including ammonia) without compressors or condensers, and high temp water for additional heating or process clean-up operations. Operating costs are typically 60% less than conventional systems and the CO2 and NOx releases are more than 85% lower.
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  • ECOndenser�
    This line of products represents TOTALLY new energy efficient and environmentally beneficial replacements for COOLING TOWERS, STEAM CONDENSERS and EVAPORATIVE CONDENSERS. These products provide user-programmable lower operating temperatures and effectively eliminate water usage while allowing installation and operation INSIDE a building.

    • Model W
      Cooling tower replacement that can provide leaving water as low as 40F continuously, regardless of ambient conditions or installation location.
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    • Model R
      Refrigerant evaporative condenser replacement that can provide liquid refrigerant as low as 40F continuously, regardless of ambient conditions or installation location. Can also provide water pre-heating.
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    • Model S
      Steam condenser replacement that can provide leaving condensate as low as 40F continuously, regardless of ambient conditions or installation location. Can also provide water pre-heating.
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  • HydrauTherm™
    Combined Heat and Power does NOT always mean “CoGeneration”. Another way to reduce electric loads and use waste heat is to use the prime mover to support a hydraulic system with hydrostatic drives parallel to big motors. Dual power at all major motors, better serviceability and lower cost.
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