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We are an energy consulting firm that uses 6-Sigma methodology to find 50% to 70% annual utility savings for its clients. In the process of finding those savings, it has invented several pieces of new equipment to solve old problems. They needed someone to build and market all of that newly created equipment. We said–WE’LL DO IT! Now, we make a lot of really cool utility equipment that lets our customers achieve EXCELLENT SAVINGS while they significantly cut their greenhouse gas and other pollution releases. If the customer needs or wants assistance, we will also help them install that new equipment.


About 10 years ago, we noticed that a lot of “good” projects never happened.

:: There were alot of reasons
  • All the funding is going to another division.
  • It can’t meet our higher break-even criteria.
  • I don’t have anyone to run the project

Net effect–companies were missing out on savings and operating improvements for a lot of subjective reasons. We had an idea. WE would operate the customer’s utility plant and install those projects at our expense.

Then, we would sell those utilities back to the customer at a guaranteed lower cost than when the customer was doing it themselves while we covered our costs and made a profit. We were ahead of the curve– great idea, but no takers back then.

In the meantime, “the world”has gotten smarter. Now, some customers are choosing to have US upgrade and run their utility systems rather than purchasing the equipment to install and run themselves. Those customers have decided that it makes more sense for them to receive a portion of the savings available and to get full credit for the environmental benefits of installing new equipment WITHOUT having to invest any capital.

This way, they can focus their efforts and personnel on the things that are uniquely theirs, and that generate the sales and profits they need without worrying about how to run their\ utility systems as effectively as possible or investing in systems that will allow them to get “green”. Everybody wins!