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Lighthouse Utility Solutions, Inc. was established in 1999 providing Energy Cost Reductions and Implementations services to Industrial and Commercial establishments.

Our company has grown steadily because of high customer retention and outstanding customer satisfaction.

We gladly welcome you to send us an e-mail for any questions that you may have. We will try to get an answer to your questions as fast as possible.



At Lighthouse Utility Solutions, Inc., we have a professional team that combines our technical knowledge and extensive expertise, to deliver successful projects to our valued clients.

Using the latest tools and techniques, our company provides skilled craftsmanship. We take pride in saying our key to success is the satisfaction and our repeat business of our valued clients and their recommendations.

:: Consulting Solutions

  • Product Sales
    For the customer who knows what they want, and know what they will do with it when they buy it. A sales professional will provide a written quote, define delivery dates and warranty information, and keep the customer advised of status until delivery.

  • Engineered Product Sales
    Similar to the basic sales, except dealing with certain products that are not easily selected directly from a list. The sales professional will work with the customer to determine exactly what system will be required and what accessories are needed. Then they will provide a written quote which will define delivery dates and warranty information and will follow the manufacturing to keep the customer advised of status until delivery.
  • Sales and Installation
    After the correct systems have been selected, we will provide a written proposal for a complete turn-key installation of the package and will supply all necessary services needed to install the system and train the customer’s personnel. Leased installations requiring NO CAPITAL EXPENSE and providing positive cash flow from Day One are available for nearly all products.

  • Third Party Operations
    Occasionally, a customer wants to reduce their energy costs or environmental impact, but they do not have the capital to support that action. If they are interested in a non-capital option, Lighthouse can determine the available savings and the cost to get those savings.

    Lighthouse will present the customer with a proposal to operate the utility plant and provide the customer with a guaranteed annual savings. If the customer accepts, the parties will enter into a 10–or 15-year contract.

    Lighthouse will lease the customer’s equipment and the area under the utility meters for $1 a year and invest in its own system upgrades as non -fixtures. The savings pay for Lighthouse’s investment and profit, plus give the customer a guaranteed annual %-age savings.

    The customer also gets the environmental savings.